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Gain the confidence and skills to create beautiful, high-converting visual media — video, livecasts & photography — to produce and promote your programs, elevate your brand, attract your ideal clients and make a bigger impact

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What Does It Mean to Be an Icon?

It means you're recognized as an A-player — a micro-celebrity — working with your ideal clients, commanding the fees you want and making the greatest impact you can. It requires 3 things:

  • Expertise in helping clients overcome the problem you solve
  • Messaging that clearly communicates the results you deliver
  • A cohesive brand image supported by excellent visual media that engages your audience and positions you as an authority

Many entrepreneurs are so close...

They've got the expertise, they've honed their message...but their visual media falls short.

Their videos aren't well-crafted, their livecasts (think Facebook Lives, Zoom meetings, etc.) look dull or unflattering and their photography lacks impact. And so their message doesn't sing like it could...they aren't attracting the attention they hope for...and they remain stuck, with that next level in their business just out of reach.

Meanwhile, the marketing experts keep saying "go make a video..." as if it's no big deal, and the YouTubers and bloggers offer up hundreds of 'easy hacks' that don't tie together. But really, it can all feel overwhelming — the tech, the process and even the fear of being in front of the camera.

If this resonates with you, you've found the right place.

Creating great visual media is within your reach once you acquire the skills and confidence. And it's essential for establishing authority — quickly — with your audience.

I'm Bill Miles. As an advertising photographer and commercial director for 20+ years, I've helped many beloved brands become the icons they are today: Apple, Estee Lauder, BMW, American Express, Bon Appetit, Forbes, Time... And as Co-Founder of Best Self Magazine, I've helped many leaders in the wellness world evolve their brand and businesses: Brendon Burchard, Kris Carr, Christiane Northrup MD, Lewis Howes, Kelly Brogan MD and Marianne Williamson, to name a few.

I know what it takes — and I've designed a framework to teach you the skills and mindset you need to level up your visual media creation so you can position yourself higher in your field, attract better clients and command higher fees. 

It's not just tech — it's a whole new way of understanding light, space and your power in front of the lens.

The ICON Framework


Imagine Success. This is the inner game — debunking the beliefs that hold you back and bringing forth your true power to every shoot, big or small, so you can connect more deeply and authentically with your audience. And then think bigger — how could you get even more out of your shoot?


Chart Your Path. In the industry, we call it pre-production, another term for planning. And planning is everything, but most people don't even know where to start. Messaging, shot lists, look and feel, set, equipment, support team — I map out all the steps you've never considered that will virtually guarantee a great shoot.


Own Your Light. Lighting is the most vital — and least understood — element for a video, livecast or photograph to look good and have that special, intangible feel that moves the viewer, whatever your style may be. This is the fun part; I'll give you a taste of photo school and teach you the techniques and pro secrets to make you look your absolute best in any environment.


Nail Your Shoot. I'll layout the exact blueprint for a successful shoot experience with less stress and more joy, whatever the scale — whether a 2-minute social media post, or a signature marketing video for your latest program. Then, you'll learn how to improve it in post-production, giving it the polish that most people never do — that truly separates you from the crowd.


This is a completely new approach to mastering your visual media

There is no other training like this. No more overwhelm. No more YouTube videos. No more spending money on the wrong equipment. You'll become confident in front of the camera, look your best and connect with your audience like never before. Once you learn this new way of seeing — you'll never look back. You'll begin transforming your business to a whole new level, attracting your ideal clients, commanding higher fees and making a bigger impact.

3 Ways to Work Together

Group Coaching

High-level virtual training with a 6-week program designed to get you results fast

Signature Online Course

Currently in the works...a comprehensive, self-study online course

Done For You

Whatever you need — personal training for you or your team, studio design, photography, image libraries, video services and more

Kris Carr

"Bill Miles is a creative visionary. I recommend him in the highest regard and continue to place the visual heart of my business in his loving, smart hands."

Ron Baker

"Bill's clarity and generosity matched the depth of his expertise. The results speak for themselves — I got far more from the experience than I could have imagined."

Christiane Northrup, MD

"Bill Miles makes visual media a joy; he knows exactly how to put someone at ease and make them look their best."


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